The Matriarch-People Of The Street


Center City Philadelphia,in the fall, past the equinox, becomes dark, dank, and colorless. The sun only rises so high in the sky and the tall buildings block it’s warming rays not allowing the night’s moisture to evaporate into the atmosphere. In Dillworth Plaza The Occupy Philly Protestors set up their tent community. So I went downtown to photograph them. Among the campers was this woman who sat proudly among her surroundings. I motioned to her, with my camera and without a word, shook her head “yes” and looked away when I shot this image. It was a dark-overcast day with rain threatening, in fact it had started to rain before I left Dillworth.

If you followed me for awhile you may recognize this image in another post or on my facebook page. I originally published a series of images that I took that morning. This one, by far, is my favorite of my series. There are a few of my images that I transfer from disk-to-disk after my yearly library replacements and this is one of them.

Original Image:

This is my original image opened in Photoshop

I captured this image on November 17, 2011 with an older 10mp FufiFilm HS-10 bridge camera. It was a decent camera but  it had issues when working with shitty lighting such as the day I shot this image.

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