Man Reading

A digital painting of a man reading a magazine in a coffee shop.


While my daughter and I were resting in a coffee shop on Rittenhouse Square, I noticed this man reading a magazine. I snuck this image of him then painted it, digitally. My painting is a little crude. I only used two styles of brushes and stopped because I was happy with my outcome.

Here’s The Story:

This man was sitting with a woman, at Barnes & Noble, nearly his age. I assumed that they were married. Another woman sat down at the table, in front of me but next to the couple and started talking on her flip phone very loud. This man, showing no patience, immediately got up and left. His partner, on the other hand endured the noise until she could no longer tolerate the loud conversation next to her. She stood up and threw out two coffee cups.


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This is a screenshot, of a portion of  my painting opened in Photoshop at 100% resolution. Since I only used two brushes and very quickly painted this painting, there are areas that are not covered completely which was what I liked about it.You can click on this image to open it in a new window full-sized.

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