A Sunflower


This is a photograph of the only sunflower that our bird feeder provided this year. This is not a digital painting but a photograph manipulated using software to appear as if it was a vintage photograph. My process is much more than applying a filter or Photoshop plugin to my original image.

My Workflow:

My original image is in full color which I defined as a pattern and painted in the color with Photoshop’s pattern stamp tool. I used a series of Photoshop plugins and filters to create the base my base image. First I reduced noise of the raw file using. Imagenomic noise reduction filter. I then added a Topaz Detail layer to bring more detail into my flower. Next I desaturated my image using Nik Sliver effects and added a “Classic Soft Focus” filter using Nik’s Color Efex. Still in Photoshop, I added a new layer then used the “Glowing Edges” filter, adjusted levels of the layer in order to bring out more detail of the edges then changed the layer’s blend mode to “multiply” the reduced opacity to about 55%.

I added a watercolor paper texture which I created by scanning a blank piece of watercolor paper for painting and loaded the scan as a texture in Photoshop. To bring back a little bit of color of my original image, I loaded the original, color image as a pattern, then with Photoshop’s Pattern Stamp, I lightly painted back some of my original image onto a new layer than added a Gaussian Blur. I don’t recommend using a mouse to paint on the color. I used a pressure-sensitive Wacom pen-tablet.

Below is my original image:


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