Study of Crimson


A few days past Thanksgiving, my color scheme needs to transform into reds, greens…..Christmas, New Year’s, & Valentine’s themes. as a freelance, I need to be three months ahead the current date so that I can sell my images to publications and Greeting Card Companies. My digital painting here is a cloned photograph that I shot just before Thanksgiving. It consists of the color red (Crimson) objects: Pomegranate (split in half), an apple, 3 Red Roses (slightly burned by frost), a small peach ,mini-rose, and a wilted fern twig. All resting on a piece of glass, spray painted flat black on the opposite side. The orange net-thing is a garnish from a bouquet   of flowers that my wife purchased. Processed in Photoshop using two third-party plug-ins, then cloned in Corel Painter using various of it’s real-media brushes.


My Original Image Opened In Photoshop:
A screen shot of my original "Study of Crimson" opened in Photoshop

A screen shot of my original “Study of Crimson” opened in Photoshop

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