The Holidays: Digital Painting


I want to find a holly branch but I can’t find a bush growing wild anywhere. So I gad to settle for some Christmas tree clippings that I found at one of those Christmas tree dealers that pop up, along the road, after Thanksgiving. I bought the candle base a few years back as a Christmas decoration for our coffee table, that we cannot put out anymore because our cats chew on the fake needles. The pine cones, I found at the end of our street where a pine tree drops them every year. I purchased the three candles from the dollar store and the red linen from Jomar-textiles (a local discount retail store that sells fabric really cheap).

I shot my original photo  on a tripod using Vivitar 28mm 1:2.5 Wide angle lens with a remote shutter release and a circular polarizer. My settings :28mm focal length, f/8 , 200 ISO, 1/4 sec shutter-speed in aperture priority mode, exposure compensation -2.  My scene was lit by two warm LED spotlights on two stands one off to the left aimed through a small 1/2 window shutter, the other to the right, through a white diffusion umbrella.


My humble lighting setup for my original image.

My humble lighting setup for my original image.


I prepared  my image for painting in Photoshop using a trio of third-party plugins, then migrated the file over to Corel Painter.Using a tablet, In Corel Painter, I used the cloning tools and reapplied my image using a series of flat, bristle, smeary brushes layer-by-layer into a blank file. adding more detail on each layer. Completed in Painter, I then moved my file back over to Photoshop to add a canvas texture and sharpen it up a little.

My Original Image:
This is my orginal photograp opened in Photoshop before I cimpleted the digital painting process

This is my original photograph opened in Photoshop before I completed the digital painting process.

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