2016 View Bug Overall Rankings Are In

Screenshot of my Viewbug Rankings


One of my photo sharing networks I frequently participate in is VieBug.com . I signed up back in March of 2016 . I uploaded 43 of my best images taken during the year. I was very surprised that I ranked up in the top 10% of photographers world-wide. Viewbug is a photo sharing network comprised of professional and armature photographers. Based in San Diego California, it hosts the work of Photographers world wide.

My Most Popular Image::
A Screenshot of my most popular image of 2016

A Screenshot of my most popular image of 2016 On ViewBug.com


Early April in Philadelphia is particularly beautiful during the brief period when the Sakura Trees Blossom (Cherry Blossoms). And Every Year, I try to Cultivate a tree for my yard and fail.



On another note: Due to personal reasons, I had to delete my Facebook account.


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