Sunrise Patrol


I recently let my Geek Flag fly. My first foray into Sci-Fi digital concept art came from me testing a lens that I purchased on Ebay. I’m not very happy with my lens but I am happy with the results of my test.

My “Sunrise Patrol”  digital painting is a composite image of a couple of very unlikely photographs. The background, the sky and planet is a reflection of the sky on the back window of a Chevy Tahoe. SUV parked on our street:

img of chvry tahoe and rear window that I used for the planet

Original photo that I took the planet scape from. the red box is the portion of the image I used for the planet.


I realized how the reflection resembled an alien planet when I magnified the image in Lightroom while I was initially editing it. Then I transferred it over to to Photoshop, edited some more then uploaded it to  my Gurushots account and shared it on my Google+ profile. I did a google search looking for a couple space ships and I found a cockpit image that had a transparent glass. So I coped and pasted the image onto my Planet image. I tipped my pasted cockpit to reveal the cliffs in the lower left corner. I then opened my composite image in Corel Painter and started the cloning process in order to give my image a painterly look. Layer by layer I added in detail and paint texture until I was finished.

A screenshot of my composite image in Corel Painter, first layer


To put my finishing touches, I threw my digital painting back into Photoshop and added a canvas texture and adjusted the color and sharpened my painting up slightly..

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