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Self Portrait of Rusty Smith

Self Portrait of Rusty Smith shot on May 8, 2014 with a remote shutter release


Rusty was born Russell W Smith in April, 1961. He spent his youth living in Moorestown, NJ. Rusty attended the Florida Institute Of Technology as a Marine Bio Major where he learned Black & White Film Photography. Rusty then went into  Restaurants where he managed for 30 years.  He Married Amanda Ybarra and had two children Mason & Julia. Today he lives and works in Philadelphia, PA.

He received an Associates degree in Computer Science and is a Certified Microsoft Professional. Rusty has done some web site designing and he still builds desktop computers.

The ambition of my work is to create a digital image, or print, that appears like a realist or impressionist painting, through my digital photographs.  My media is binary code, where a painter or sculptor uses stone, clay, oils, pastels, acrylics, linseed oil, and canvas.  My tools are my digital camera, a computer, software, and a pen tablet. The traditional artist uses his paint brush a palette knife. A Sculptor uses his hammer and chisel.

I regularly research painters on the Internet and in the museum.  Ever since I took an Art History Course in college, I am attracted to the Renaissance Painters (realism) and the Impressionists. Their influences are found in my photographs and digital paintings. In some of my pieces, I tried to mimic the cracks.  In my composition, I use color, lines, and most importantly, light, to guide my audience’s eye.

Spring, summer, and autumn, I spend most of my energy out of doors concentrating on flowers, animals, people, landscape or architecture. When the cold takes over the atmosphere, I move indoors where I produce my finest work (Still Life).

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